Tea towels come in many different sizes, shapes, materials and styles. While their basic function is to dry those wet pots, they have moved beyond the white linen glass cloth to more elaborate designs for tourist souvenirs, advertising, personalised gifts, political slogans and matching kitchen accessories.

You may wonder if the dishwasher has replaced a need for tea towels? You may ask whether linen is better than towelling or mixed fabrics. You may question how frequently you should change your tea towel or you may, even if you don’t own a dishwasher, simply leave your dishes to drain and consign the poor tea towel to the drawer.

My blog is a journey through my beloved collection of tea towels. Each has a story and over the days, months, years to come I want to share my passion and create my own, albeit quirky, piece of social history. I will introduce you to tea towels from around the world, from small local areas, to whole countries, to those representing language, wildlife, customs and much more.


11 thoughts on “About

    1. Thank you for those comments. Watch out for a new blog in a couple of days which will be a new page about Bovey. I loved the craft fair – one of the bet I have been to and I really love tea towels that you have done. I saw another of yours in the Guild Building of a view over the sea with a wooden pole and thought it was magnificent. Barbara


  1. Hi Thanks for the Card! the sweets were a stress releaver i’m glad you enjoyed, i also run my own blog and website which has won’t numerous awards regarding how I cope with depression, but not main know about that and i’ve never said at meetings. If you want to find out more send me a email to the address i subscribe with.

    I’d like to offer you my full support with regards to this blog should you need it, i’m sorry i can’t sen’t you any more sweets but i’m having a couple of custom made tea towels made for my Friends of Western Park Open Air School and would be happy to send you 1 to add to your endless collection.

    Please continue your hard work i will keep reading your many posts, maybe i should start a blog about my collection or paperweights over 200 so far and still rising.

    Be good will miss our chats.


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