Rules are 4 Fools: 2018


Love this tea towel but just needed an appropriate ‘tale’ and today I realised that I had one.  This really is about ‘rules being for fools’.

Five Word Challenge

One of the exercises that I have enjoyed in Creative Writing is the ‘random word challenge’.  Take several given words, or phrases, and include them in a piece of writing.  It is a real challenge, to make something sensible, readable and imaginative.  This year we had to do a ‘project’ and I wanted to do this, as part of my Project.   I had decided that I wanted to write a 100 word piece but where would I get the 5 words from?

“I know” I thought “I’ll ask Fee.  She’ll definitely make me work”.  So I emailed her: asking for five random words for a 100 word piece. 

I have known Fee 25 years, one of my best friends, good sense of humour and she would enjoy putting me through my paces.  She responded immediately.  

Where did she get those words from?  Pentecostal, Ream, Marine, Kafkaesque, Tennis

I decided that ‘News Journalism’ might enable these words to be used!

Fire Investigators Blame Arsonists

Fire investigators have established that the recent Woxton Tennis Club blaze was arson.  Petrol had been poured over a ream of photocopying paper in the equipment store.

“It was fortunate that the alarm was raised early, by a passing Marine” a Spokesperson said.  “This prevented the fire spreading, otherwise the Pentecostal Church might have burnt down”

Worshipper Mrs Jamieson (49) told our reporter of her Kafkaesque experience, when heat from the fire set off the Spin Shot machine, firing 120 tennis balls at 45 mph onto the roof of the church.

No arrests have been made yet but enquiries continue.

Thank you, Fee, for the challenge.  I really enjoyed doing it.

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