Robin Tea Towel: 2018


1st December and I’ve been shopping for Christmas tea towels.  I just haven’t got as many as I would like; the range isn’t broad enough.  Quite a few are quite old; they are tea towels that I have inherited.  Traditional Santa’s, Twelve Days of Christmas and some baubles.  I have a few from abroad.

I was just walking down a street in Nottingham, not looking for a tea towel and I spotted a gift shop.  It looked interesting, some unusual gifts, I popped in and there it was.  A robin tea towel.  It was hung on a stand, with a pile of books holding it down, unusual.  I took one look and thought “I’d like that, not got one like it”.  I couldn’t see the usual pile of folded tea towels; I couldn’t see any at all.  I asked the assistant if there were any others.  “Sorry” she said “It’s the only one left”.  “Can I have this one then?”.  She looked a bit surprised but said “yes”.  “Can you take it down, otherwise I’ll destroy your display” I said.  She looked a bit surprised once more but carefully released the tea towel.  It was mine.

It was only after this happened that I realised this tea towel came from the Eden Project. I don’t know why it took me so long since it has a red label across the front with ‘Eden Project’ on it.  The Eden Project was somewhere I visited a long time ago, somewhere I really enjoyed.  But it is in Cornwall so I was a intrigued why a gift shop in Nottingham would have this on sale (I still don’t know the answer to that question).  What I love about this tea towel is it’s simplicity, the pencil drawing with just a few bits of colour on the robin’s breast and the holly berries.  It makes it so distinctive; I just think it is a wonderful addition to my Christmas collection.

When I use this tea towel I will think of my visit to the Eden Project and that wonderful gift shop in Nottingham which I will surely visit again.

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