Azores: 2018


About ten years ago, I booked to go on holiday to the Azores.  It sounded wonderful, small islands, a tea growing area, a moderate climate throughout the year, not a big tourist resort so would be quite quiet.  A bit like Madeira but less touristy.  Unfortunately, the travel company I booked with cancelled the holiday because there were not enough people wanting to go.  A big disappointment.  Since then I have looked out for further holidays but not seen any.  Meanwhile, lots of other places have caught my attention like Italy, Madeira and Canada so I didn’t give it a lot of thought.  You can’t waste time regretting things that haven’t been, just get on with things that can happen!

All very well until I went to Madeira in 2014, found a delightful tea room which sold Azores tea and my desire to go to the Azores came back.  In the meantime, I took some of the tea home, which was lovely.

While I was thinking about my next holiday, Lyn says that she and Rob have booked to go to the Azores this year.  I am green with envy, although I recognise that the Azores are not necessarily very accessible for someone with mobility problems.  Lyn had booked the holiday independently, not through a tour company, and they were staying on more than one island.  The photographs were stunning; the trip round a tea plantation and factory sounded great (and they bought some tea back!), the coastal scenery was fantastic and even the food sounded good.  It certainly sounds like the sort of place I would love to go.  It’s on my ‘List of Things To Do’

Best of all, she bought me a tea towel (and tea) back.  The embroidered picture on the tea towel reminds me that this is a place to go when Liz’s knee is better!  Thank you Lyn!

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