Shaun the Sheep: 2013


I have just been watching the film, Shaun the Sheep, with Hamish and Lyra.  This was my first viewing and I thought it was brilliant.  It’s not often that I laugh out loud at a film.  It’s the slapstick element that I love but interesting to see both Hamish and Lyra hiding their eyes behind their hands when the dog is about to try surgery or when the shed is poised on the edge of the cliff.  It reminds me of watching Dr Who, with William Hartnell and the Daleks, and hiding behind the sofa.

But the memory that Shaun the Sheep triggered, more vividly, was the fact that I have a Shaun the Sheep tea towel in my collection (In the Animal World Collection if you are planning to visit  I bought Shaun the Sheep at the Wensleydale Creamery shop when I was visiting.  I saw it, not even knowing there was 150 episodes of Shaun the Sheep shown on CBBC from 2007, and thought it was cute, just couldn’t resist.  I think, after today, this tea towel will always remind me of the day I laughed out loud at a ridiculous film with characters made from plastercine.


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