Cacen Gri: 2012


Neither Pete nor I can remember whether I bought this tea towel on holiday in Wales or if he did, when he was staying in Anglesey with Gwyn.  We’ve had several long discussions about this.  What we can agree on is (a) that it is written in Welsh (b) that it is a recipe for Welsh Cakes (although we both had to look that up on Google) (c) we both like Welsh Cakes (d) that this tea towel is not actually a recipe but a list of ingredients that constitute Welsh Cakes.

What I know is that Bodlon is a Welsh company formed to promote Welsh goods, especially foods; I know the tea towel is made from cotton, screen-printed, designed by Sara Williams.  That’s not much help really.

As a tea towel, it is made from tough material and is really good for proving bread, as well as wiping up.  I love the colours; I love it as a tea towel, even though I know so little about it.


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