Let Them Eat Cake……: 2017


“Let them eat cake” is a phrase attributed to Marie Antoinette, the queen during the French Revolution.  She supposedly said, when told that the peasants were starving and had no bread, that they should eat cake; cake at this time was a luxury.  This was supposed to demonstrate how far removed from reality Marie Antoinette and the royal family were.  Hence, the reason why the French Revolution came about.  However, there is no evidence that she did actually say this.  If you look this up on Google and Wikipedia, there are pages of explanation where the phrase might have come from.  Erica Sturla has used the phrase so cleverly with the proviso “as long as they wash up afterwards”.  I love Erica Sturla’s work in tea towels.  I already have William Wallace (Blog dated 20/11/2016); I expect to work my way through her collection in due course.  I love this tea towel not only because of the clever play on words but because of the very unusual use of colour: fawn coloured background and the vibrant colouring of Marie Antoinette and her cake.

I bought this tea towel in Loch Leven Larder, a lovely place to eat with a deli and gift shop.  My lunch of Sauerkraut and Emmental cheese with pastrami on an open sandwich  was worth remembering.  Even better when I sneaked the pickled gherkin from Liz’s venison burger (because she doesn’t like pickled gherkin and I do).  The Loch Leven Larder shop was one of those places where tea towels are scattered throughout the shop, not just in one section.  I always find this frustrating but I know, from the point of view of sales, that it means the customer has to look in every part of the shop to make sure they have seen all the tea towels and then that they get the right tea towel.  A clever selling technique that all supermarkets use and people like me, when tea towels are involved, always fall for it.

The meal at the Loch Leven Larder was so good that it deserved a tea towel to remind me, especially when it was an Erica Sturla, I wouldn’t have fallen for any old rubbish.  Definitely a place I would want to return to, to eat that is, not to buy another tea towel (I am not sure I can say that definitively)!


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