Pudsey: 2008


I love Lakeland; Lakeland the shop that sells cookery products. To me, Lakeland is a bit like Paperchase, lots of nice looking things that it would be easy to buy, that you could make use of but don’t necessarily need. Just like Paperchase, Lakeland is somewhere that if I venture in, I am likely to buy something.

As a Blogger of tea towels, there are sometimes that I need to find out a bit of background information about my tea towel. I will email the company that sells, manufactures or produces the tea towel with a simple question and I virtually never get a response or an answer is promised but never materialised. I couldn’t remember which year Lakeland produced this tea towel; with little hope of response, I emailed them and within less than 24 hours I got a full response. I love Lakeland! This is how I know that the first year Pudsey made an appearance in a Chef’s hat was 2008. Lakeland said that the promotional label said “Pudsey’s found a passion for polka dots since last year’s appeal. Highly absorbent and hard wearing, this cotton tea towel will be a great asset to any busy kitchen. 100% cotton, wash at 60 degrees”. In addition, £1 from each sale went as a donation to Children in Need.

Pudsey Bear has been the logo for the BBC’s charity, Children in Need. In 2015, Pudsey celebrated his 30th birthday. Since Children in Need stated in a low key fashion in 1980, it has raised more than £600 million pounds for disadvantaged children in Britain, mainly through a telethon one night in November each year and through fundraising activities by the general public in the weeks surrounding the telethon. Lakeland’s sale of a Pusey tea towel was one of those efforts. There are always lots of Pudsey goods on sale, everything from key rings to mugs, scarves to coasters, t-shirts to teddy bears but I’d never seen a tea towel. Liz came back from an excursion to Lakeland very excited; she had seen this tea towel and bought it for me. We both thought that it was very stylish and I have always loved using it.

While I never manage to watch the Telethon all the way through, because I always fall asleep, there are highlights that I will always remember: Peter Kay’s film of Amarillo (shame that Jimmy Saville was in it), also his DVD of the compilation of songs from children’s programmes, the BBC newscaster doing the Rocky Horror Show, Terry Wogan’s role as compère for the evening and as soon as I think of Terry Wogan I also think of his version of the Floral Dance. Only he could have made it on to Top of the Pops with that. I’ve just watched it on YouTube and nearly cried with laughter because he is laughing at himself, holding a flower. While I enjoyed his re-recording of the Floral Dance for Children in Need in 1995 with his ‘rap’ version, nothing could beat the 1978 version.

I really like this fun tea towel and will always spend happy moments thinking of Terry Wogan and the Floral Dance.

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