Huevosa a la Flamenca: 1984


This was a present from ‘The Aunties’ to Liz, following their holiday in Andalusia.  They bought everyone in the family, including themselves, a tea towel with a recipe on, same size, same style, same design; the recipes were all different.  Liz has passed this one to me.  I found one for ‘Beef Tripe Stew’, amongst Dorothy’s tea towels, which I passed on to Sarah.

I thought this recipe might be ok; translated it is ‘Andalusian Flamenca Eggs’.  I have a lot of eggs and the online recipe says “Perfect if friends drop in or after an exhausting day at the sales, this traditional Andalusian meal is bursting full of healthy tomatoes and peppers and takes only a few minutes to prepare”.  Sounds good to me until I read the full list of ingredients.  It is mixing eggs and tomatoes.  I love eggs; I love tomatoes but the thought of them on the same plate, let alone in the same dish, makes me want to throw up.  I have had this aversion to the combination of eggs and tomatoes since I was two years old.  It is my earliest memory, being sick on the kitchen floor, in my grandmothers house, after a tomato omelet.

I love the concept of these tea towels, with recipes in Spanish, but I have yet to find one that I could face eating.  Instead, I will use the tea towel with pride, think of the Aunties enjoying a holiday in Andalusia and forget about the recipe.

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