Happy Christmas: 2005

These three tea towels came as part of a multi-pack from Tesco.  I bought several multi-packs to split up and use as ‘extra’ presents.  I used them to wrap breakable items like mugs and ornaments, instead of tissue paper; I also used them to wrap things with edges that stick out like knives, instead of using bubble-wrap.  A tea towel is always useful to disguise the obvious shape of a present.  They were incredibly cheap, once split, much cheaper than buying packaging.  One of the unusual things about this multi-pack is that there are three very different tea towels, completely different designs and different materials but there is a link in the colours across all three designs.  I had a pack leftover by the time Christmas came so I kept them for myself.

Sometimes I question my dubious taste because I don’t like the designs, nor the materials; they are an unsatisfactory size for wiping up – much too small.  I rarely use these tea towels as tea towels but they were extremely useful for wrapping presents.  Sorry Tesco, but you obviously did well out of me in 2005 and I know it was 2005 because I have a list of all the presents I bought that year (and every other year).  Many apologies to anyone who received one.

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