Christmas Doves: 2015


This tea towel is another Ulster Weavers classic but 27 years older than the one I blogged about yesterday.  You can see that the ‘style’ has changed, it is more ‘stylised’ but those Christmas colours of red in the background, gold stars and doves with blue wings gives it a Christmasy feeling.  I like the way that Ulster Weavers use the whole ‘canvas’ which makes it vibrant and alive.  Those doves are so cute, posing, saying ‘take my picture because I am cute’; they are pleasantly rounded and of a shape similar to Orla Kiely’s ‘Hen’.

I had had some difficulty in previous years in buying Christmas tea towels with a bit of style and class, that were unique.  I was wandering around Wheatcroft’s garden centre near Nottingham and saw this.  “This is it” I said to myself, a great addition to my Christmas tea towel collection.  It was not long after I bought it, actually the following day, that Liz’s dad had his stroke and that was the end of the Christmas shopping.  Everything ground to a halt; I never even got around to taking the label off, I didn’t use it. (You can see the label still on it in the picture).  So this year is exciting.  As I took the label off I noticed that Ulster Weavers has a Royal Warrant, granted in 1995.  I hadn’t realised that.  The Queen has such good taste and that probably accounts for why so many Ulster Weavers tea towels are sold in the shop at Sandringham.  I think I could say that this is one of my favourite Christmas tea towels and I like to think of the Queen doing the wiping up after Christmas dinner with Camilla giving her a helping hand.

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