M&S Christmas Special: 2010



I was a bit short of Christmas tea towels six years ago (relatively speaking, I still am!!) and decided to buy a pack of three M&S tea towels.  You can always guarantee good quality with M&S.  I like the fact that although they come as a pack of three, they are all different, quite unusual in a multi-pack.  I also like the fact they have a ‘theme’: Christmas cookery with the help of penguins, snowmen and robins in chef’s hats.  The reindeer delivering Santa’s Pies is cute.  While they are good quality cotton, are very absorbent (which is extremely useful when you have a lot of washing up after a Christmas meal), I don’t feel ‘warm’ towards them in the way that I do towards other tea towels; I have no quirkey, happy, sad or life-changing memories associated with them.

The best I can do is that (a) I bought them in M&S, in Fosse Park, just outside Leicester and (b) each Christmas since 2010, it comes as a great surprise that I have these tea towels; it’s like I have been out shopping once again.  Other tea towels may hold big memories, but I can remember them without seeing them; these are fresh delights each time I see them.

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