Eteaket: 2016


I have written about more than 300 tea towels on my blog, over the last 18 months; regular readers will have spotted that many (but by no means, all) have a link with tea: Tea Merchants, teapots, teas, Tea Rooms and so forth.  This is because I have a passion for tea, good quality tea, loose leaf tea; I don’t drink coffee or alcohol so tea is my beverage of choice.  I enjoy visiting new tea rooms (and returning to more familiar ones); I like the ceremony of tea drinking and I always use a tea timer (either the ‘egg timer’ type or the App on my phone); I relish trying different teas, teas that I have not tried before.  I love trying different methods for dealing with tea leaves (internal strainers, tea balls, tea strainers, bags etc).  I like ‘matching’ foods with teas and trying different meals with tea: breakfast, brunch, lunch, Afternoon Tea, High Tea, dinner, supper.  I like trying cakes which use tea as one of the ingredients.  So when I find a place that allows me the opportunity to try all these different things, I am in my element; if it has a tea towel of its own, then I am in Seventh Heaven.  Eteaket is such a place.

Eteaket is a delightful tea room on Frederick Street in Edinburgh, just off Princes Street, which I discovered by accident several years ago.  Every time I go to Edinburgh, I go to Eteaket.  Eteaket opened in 2008; it’s founder, Erica Moore is passionate about the colour turquoise and hence turquoise figures significantly in the colour scheme of Eteaket.  On previous occasions, I did not find a tea towel but in November this one was beautifully displayed, just crying out for me to buy it.  I discovered that in June this year, Eteaket underwent a makeover in terms of its goods, probably in preparation for a tea and tea paraphenalia store that was due to open on Rose Street later this month.  Hence the tea towel.  I love the good quality cotton material, the loop by which to hang it, the ‘strap line’ “Instant Human. Just Add Tea” and those vibrant colours with two-tone turquoise; I think I would describe the darker background as ‘teal’, one of my favourite colours.

Eteaket is in a traditional Edinburgh building, down about 10 stairs with the colour scheme helping it stand out from all the other eateries.  There is a tiny shop as you enter, where I saw the tea towel, and then a mismatch of chairs and tables are scattered in nooks and crannies.  The tea menu has more than 35 teas – my kind of place with a great Royal Earl Grey.  My abiding memory will always be their smoked salmon and scrambled eggs on artisan bread – a true delight.  But mushroom and coconut soup or even Afternoon Tea are high up on my list of pleasures as well.  The fact is that I love the vibrant tea towel but I also love the fact that it conjures up some happy memories for me, of good times in Edinburgh; you can’t ask more of a tea towel but I would like to visit their Rose Street store on my next visit.

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