Highland Herd: 2011


This might be a Highland Herd tea towel but in terms of Venery Nouns this could be (a) a Mob (b) a Drove or (c) a Team.  That was just an aside, pursuing my new-found love of Venery Nouns.  Back to the matter in question.

Don’t you think this tea towel is cute? I love all things Scottish. I’ve spent more holidays in Scotland than anywhere else. I especially love Highland Cattle so it was almost impossible for me to walk by and not buy this tea towel.  I remember seeing it on one of those display stands that look like a laundry dryer.  It was in a shop in Dumfries.  We were spending a holiday in Dumfries and Galloway; whilst I wasn’t overwhelmed with excitement about the town of Dumfries, I did (a) really love the whole area, the countryside, the wildlife, the museums, castles and ancient monuments and (b) I did get excited about this tea towel.  I love the vibrant green background; I love the fact that the Highland Cattle are quirkily diffferent, different shapes and sizes in their distinctive bronze colouring.  The couple of black cows certainly add an air of distinction to the ‘Herd’.  It’s a great tea towel to remember a fantastic holiday by, although a tea towel of Belted Galloway would probably have been more appropriate on this occasion.

You might note that at the bottom of the tea towel, printed on the white border, is the name ‘Ettrick Valley’.  What does Ettrick Valley signify?  Ettrick Valley is a family-run business, set up by Bryan and Helen Hoggan in 1980.  Based in Selkirk, they produce a wide range of tea towels, aprons, bags, cushions etc on a theme of all things Scottish. It is my belief that I may have other Ettrick Valley tea towels! (Actually I know I have!)  Watch out for future blogs!


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