Chaddesley Corbett, Worcestershire: 2005


There is just no way of predicting whether or not a village, town, tea room, tourist attraction et al will have its own tea towel.  I get surprised all the time; surprised when  a major tourist attraction has no tea towel, surprised when I go to a small village like Chaddesley Corbett, with a population of less than 1500 people, and find it has its own tea towel.  This is a classic tourist tea towel, white cotton, a one-colour simple design.

I remember going to Chaddesley Corbett because I had read that there was a small tea room in the same building as the village Post Office, at the back.  It sounded cute; the proof of the pudding…….There was a good write-up in a magazine about the tea room so I thought I ought to go.  A village the size of Chaddesley Corbett isn’t going to have a big post office but as you walked through the shop, it felt like walking into your grandma’s dining room – small tables with embrodiered table cloths, dark wood chairs, vintage china, small vases with flowers on the table.  The menu was simple.  I loved the tea pots with tea cosies; the cakes were good and staff friendly.  It was clearly a meeting place for locals; strangers like me were rarer.

Chaddesley Corbett is in the Domesday Book; there is a stone font in the Church of St Cassian dating from 1125 but I didn’t go there for its history, just the tea room.

I really enjoyed my trip to Chaddesley Corbett but it was made even better when I saw the tea towel hanging on the wall.  I knew I had to have it as a momento from a lovely day out.

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