Sicilia: 2016


I was getting a bit depressed by the fact that a lot of my recent Tea Towel Blogs are associated with people no longer with us.  Surely, I must have some tea towels left that concern happier times?  While I was pondering this, today, through the post, in a little padded envelope, came an unmistakeable package.  I can spot a tea towel at 50 paces; I got that twitchy feeling, a feeling that just makes me want to rip the paper open.  Only this time I had no idea where it might have come from, no one has promised me a tea towel, it isn’t my birthday, its too early for Christmas.  The envelope was from Italy; this can only mean Andrew, my cousin.  Andrew lives in Florence (See Tea Towel Blog of Toscana dated 15/9/16).

Andrew had sent me a tea towel of Sicily.  I really like these classic Italian tea towels (or Kitchen Towels, as Andrew calls them); they are very big (sew a couple together and you nearly have a table cloth), thick strong cotton for good absorbancy; there is a style about them – map, lots of detail, a border and very striking.  I could start a separate collection of just Italian tea towels!!  In this case, the border is a bright  solid block of colour, with an inner line of Etruscan pots and oranges and lemons.  I can almost feel the warmth on my back.  The tea towel came with a note: why write the whole Blog myself when Andrew has provided me with some background information?  He says “This time I send you a kitchen towel from Sicily, a region Elena and I love particularly.  Sicily has been the land of Greek, Phoenicians, Arabs, Normans, of the Holy Roman Empire with Frederick II, all of them leaving great traces of their stay – oranges and lemons being one.  This was the fourth time we went there.  We visited Greek sites, Arab Quarter, medieval fortresses and much more.  Last but not least, the food; eating in Sicily is always a gorgeous experience”.

I have never been to Sicily.  I am not sure why.  Maybe it is the supposed association with Cosa Nostra and the fear that I am going to be kidnapped; clearly I have been watching too many movies, too much of the Godfather.  The tea towel doesn’t mention Cosa Nostra!!  Maybe it is the climate and the thought that it is extremely hot, even hotter than places like Rome.  Maybe the tourist information is not so tempting as for Rome, Venice, the Lakes etc.  But perhaps I should visit.  It is, after all, the largest island in the Mediterranean, it has 7 UNESCO World Heritage sites, it has the tallest active volcano in Europe in Mount Etna and it has a phenomenal, eclectic history.  Maybe this tea towel has prompted me to think about my holiday plans for 2017 and Sicily should be on the list, especially if the food is as good as Andrew says, and I would trust his judgement.  This tea towel, and the previous ones, has reminded me that it is important to take up all opportunities available because you really have no idea what will happen in the future.  Thank you Andrew for this great tea towel and inspiring me for my future holiday plans.

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