Why did I buy this tea towel?: 2010


Today is a very special day. In just less than 18 months I have written 249 tea towel blogs; this is number 250! When I set out on this odyssey, I’m not sure I thought I would get this far (and probably my readers feel the same).   Of course, this doesn’t mean I have only written about 250 tea towels, the total is much nearer 300 (Because on some days, like today there are two tea towels in one Blog) and it certainly looks like I’m only half way through my current total of tea towels but it is an ever-growing number. This is probably going to be like painting the Forth Road Bridge.  To celebrate 250 Tea Towel Blogs, I thought I would like to write about a ‘special’ tea towel or my favourite tea towel.  This would, however, be against those unwritten rules of the Blog – not to pick and chose, but just take the next one off the pile.

So I ask myself, why did I buy these tea towels? There is nothing wrong with them as tea towels, they do a good job; they are not unpleasant, cream with a small embrodiered pictures of  beach huts, one with a solitary beach hut, one with several.  They came as a multi-pack.  I remember buying them in the big Dunelm’s in Thurmaston when I was on a shopping trip for work.  We had just moved into a brand new building; we had raised enough money to buy some new kitchen basic equipment – saucepans, mugs, bowls, cutlery, kettle, storage jars and much more.  The plan was to develop a cafe area to be able to cater for events in the big meeting room.  I like shopping usually but this was exhausting, with four huge trolleys full of goods; I think I thought I deserved a treat and what better treat than a tea towel or two (bought with my own money, I hasten to add).  But as someone with so many beautiful, creative, lively, informative tea towels, why would I buy a run-of-the-mill, multi-pack tea towels with no great distinguishing feature?  A moment of weakness.  But they are efficient and were very cheap.

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