Norwich: 2009


I was going to say that I was disappointed by this tea towel; but that is unfair, I am disappointed in my lack imagination in buying this tea towel.  For regular readers of this blog, they will have spotted that this Norwich tea towel is exactly the same overall  design as that of Cheltenham (blog dated 26/10/15), Cambridge (blog dated 30/7/15) and Warwick (blog dated 8/7/15).  Why was I fooled into buying the same design tea towels, just swap the name?  I already had the other three.  Maybe writing this blog has made me more discerning: in Sidmouth I bought a really cute tea towel with a blue border and a beach scene.  I liked the tea towel but I have since seen exactly the same style in Hunstanton and other Norfolk seaside venues.  I have learnt to try and avoid duplicate styles; it’s really difficult to do when you have so many tea towels – it’s trying to remember what I’ve got that is the problem!!

I distinctly remember buying this tea towel in Norwich when I was there in 2009.  I was quite excited by the fact that this was one was about Norwich itself, because my other tea towels from Norwich came from the Coleman’s Mustard Shop which does have deep roots in Norwich, but the images are about mustard (blog dated 18/1/16).  What I realise is that a good tea towel inspires a blog and this gives me nothing new, it doesn’t inspire me.  Sorry.

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