Kydwelly Castle, Wales: 2012


This tea towel was a birthday present from Jai and her family, following their holiday in South Wales.  It is a really unusual tea towel, sold by Cadw (the Welsh Historic Monuments) but printed from an original 18th Century engraving, courtesy of the National Libraries of Wales.  I don’t think I have another like this.  It is interesting that on the engraving it is called ‘Kydwelly Castle’ because today both the castle and the town are referred to as Kidwelly.  I like a bit of history, as Jai knows, and I enjoy reading the 18th Century version of the history.

Kidwelly Castle is a Norman Castle in Carmarthenshire.  It is a well preserved historic building with some of its remains dating back to 1200.  It was originally built by the Normans as a defence against the Welsh.  There is a long history of its involvement in war but personally I think the two best bits are (a) the memorial outside the Gatehouse to Gwenllian ferch Gruffydd, the wife of a Welsh Prince who was beheaded in 1136 in battle and whose headless ghost is reputedly haunting the surrounding countryside and (b) that fact that it was used for the location of the film ‘Monty Python and the Holy Grail’.

I’ve never been to Kidwelly Castle but I like the tea towel (a) because of its historical imagery and (b) because Jai bought it for me from her holiday.  It is nice that people care about one’s bizarre interests, even though she knows it will be yet another that adds to the collection that will return to her one day.

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