Yorkshire Pudding: 2001


When I was on holiday in Yorkshire in 2001, I had a ‘lean’ time in trying to find a touristy tea towel as a souvenir to remind me of my holiday.  In the end, I was ‘forced’ to buy one which is associated with Yorkshire more generally, rather than with places I had actually visited; the one I chose was entitled Yorkshire Pudding.  Basically, it is a picture of a Victorian kitchen with a traditional kitchen range and kitchen utensils.  Two women are cooking, one of whom is beating the batter for a Yorkshire Pudding and in the centre of the tea towel is the complete recipe for a Yorkshire Pudding.  Frankly, as someone who does not cook, and who never has cooked, I have no idea whether the recipe is any good (But Blog Readers please try it out and let me know).  However, I do like the attention to detail on the design of the tea towel: the picture of Ilkley Moor on the chimney, a place I did visit; there is a dish with an inscription ‘Present from Scarborough’ standing on the shelves to the side of the range; there are two plates on the mantlepiece – one from Whitby and one from Hull.

Yorkshire Pudding is, of course, a traditional English recipe made from a batter of egg, flour and milk.  The earliest recorded recipe for Yorkshire Pudding is in 1747, written by Hannah Glasse and altered from a much older recipe using dripping.  While Yorkshire Pudding is now usually served with a roast dinner, it’s original use was as a starter that would fill up a diner so that they did not want to eat large portions of meat which was very expensive.  Everyone has their own ideas about what a great Yorkshire Pudding should look like.  However, in 2008, the Royal Society of Chemists determined that “Yorkshire Pudding isn’t a Yorkshire Pudding if it is less than 4 inches tall”.  Personally, I prefer my Yorkshire Pudding with sausage as Toad in the Hole.

As a tea towel, to create memories, this one fails in it’s goal but it is cute and I do like the attention to detail.

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One thought on “Yorkshire Pudding: 2001

  1. Wow this towel is so colored…I like it.
    I’m organising a RAK on my blog; if you’re interested in, please check it out!
    Have a great weekend


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