Three Christmas Geese: 1989



This is my last tea towel blog of 2015 and fittingly it is a pure linen, Christmas tea towel that I gave to my mother for Christmas in 1989, her last Christmas.  I cannot remember why I chose this particular one because we never had goose for Christmas dinner; in fact I have never eaten goose.  That is a New Years Resolution – try goose since I have eaten a lot of unusual foods like sparrow in China, Guinea Pig in Ecuador, crocodile in Kenya, kangaroo in Leicester….  On my Twitter account I am being followed by someone who asked me what I considered to be ‘adventure’.  I am not a very daring sort of a person but trying something new is always an adventure: in 2016, goose here I come.

Haappy New Year to all my readers. In a couple of days time the voting will open for the UK Blog Awards for which I have been entered in the category “Best Story Teller”.  If you are bored one day perhaps you would consider voting for me.

Best wishes




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