Christmas Tea Towel from Canada: 2009


This is one of my favourite tea towels from my Christmas collection, although as I look at it I can see that it is not necessarily a Christmas tea towel per se, maybe a seasonal one for winter.  It will, however, stay in my Christmas collection because it has a feel of Chrsitmas: snow-covered fir trees, snowflakes.  However, there are a lot of images that are associated with Canada – bears, maple trees and falling leaves, canoes, fish, the deck chairs that sit on the clapperboard porches of homes in rural towns.

I note the date printed on the bottom of the tea towel is 2002; I did, in fact, buy it when we went to Canada in 2009.  We were staying in Quebec and bought this tea towel in a gift shop opposite a small square where there were some young lads skateboarding; my goodness they were good and we sat and watched them for nearly an hour.

I like using this tea towel because it is very good quality cotton, thick material and very absorbant.  I like looking at the images on the tea towel and remembering the holidays that I have spent in Canada and thinking how much I would like to go back.

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