Bergen Stags (Christmas): 2003


This is a follow-on from the Tea Towel Blog of 27 September 2015 when I described my touristy tea towel that I bought in Bergen when I visited there in 2003; Bergen was a stopping off point on a cruise and we were fortunate enough to be able to spend 12 hours there.

For me, Bergen is a shopper’s paradise, full of small, interesting, independent shops.  Amongst the shops on Bryggen (the oldest area of Bergen, near the port) was a Christmas Shop.  I didn’t care that it was May, this was a Chrsitmas Shop and I needed to go in it.  It was a shop that sold more than just Christmas baubles and decorations but all things to do with Christmas, including tea towels.  This is the tea towel I bought there.  It is good quality cotton and, similar to the one of the Notre Dame de Paris, it is reversible in two-tone grey, great absorbancy, very functional tea towel because it is easy to disguise any stains.  It has certainly held it’s quality.  The design is a simple one of stags.  I think stags are one of those designs that can represent Christmas but could actually be suitable for any time of the year.  Knowing where I bought it and why, it has become part of my Christmas Tea Towel Collection.

Bergen is a big meat-eating area and venison was a significant part of their diet.  This tea towel does remind me of some of the best venison stews I have ever had – even if it was May – full of flavour, tender meat.  This tea towel, for me, has a lovely sense of Christmas-time but not that over glamourised, commercialised Christmas of the Tesco’s adverts – just a time for family and friends.


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