Basilica of the Sacre Coeur, Paris: 2007


I have been to Paris many times, by plane, car, coach and train and loved every visit.  Each visit was a completely different experience, depending on who I was with and why I was going.  Paris is one of those places that you need to enjoy as a tourist, doing touristy things  like going up the Eiffel Tower, taking a boat on the River Seine, seeing the Louvre, visiting the Notre-Dame…

2007 was the last time I went, travelling by Eurostar.  It was just before St Pancras was completed as the international railway hub for Eurostar so we departed from Waterloo.  On this trip, I promised myself that I would buy a decent tea towel.  All my others from Paris are substandard, poor quality, rubbish.  I thought that Paris deserved something better.  This wasn’t to be just a reminder of a great holiday in Paris but to prove to myself that I could actually find a decent one, with good absorbancy that I would enjoy using. And this is what I did.  (Other tea towels will be the subject of future Blogs as they rise to the top of my airing cupboard pile).

My tea towel of the Sacre Coeur is reversible; the fabric is a high quality cotton with a pink hue where the picture is woven into the material, not printed on it.  By being woven into the material, it means that the image is on both sides in different proprotion of colour.  It is also of an exceptional size, far bigger than most of the other 600 that I have.  The Sacre Coeur was built in 1919, a Roman Catholic minor basilica.  It is on the summit of Montmartre, the highest point in Paris.  It is often regarded as both a political and cultural monument, a penance for France’s defeat in the Franco-Prussian War in 1870

When I use this tea towel, it is a reminder that quality counts and that to be effective, a tea towel needs to be made of quality materials.  Don’t compromise on quality is my byword now.

PS (dated 7 May 2017): It is not often that I have to admit to a disastrous mistake about my tea towels, but today I have to.  I have been re-photographing my tea towels; I said “Oh look, Notre Dame”. Liz says “That’s not Notre Dame, it’s the Sacre Coeur”.  A big debate takes place, Mr Google is asked for advice and, of course, Liz is right.  My excuse is that (a) this Blog was always about the quality of the tea towel, not the place and (b) I didn’t go to the Sacre Coeur, I just wanted a quality tea towel from Paris.  Shoddy workmanship, if you ask me. Many apologies to any readers who spotted the mistake.  However, it has given me a chance to show the reversible nature of the tea towel by putting a better photo up that was not taken on the back of a chair, to re-title the Blog and make it more accurate.  Apologies.

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