Quaintways Tea Rooms: 2002


Quaintways Tearooms was a tea room in Penshurst, a small village in Kent which grew up around Penshurst Place, built in 1552 and home to the Sidney family.  With a population of less than 1500 people Penshurst was able to support two tea rooms in 2002.  I bought this tea towel when I visited Quaintways Tearooms as a result of reading about it in a tea room guide.  It is a classic piece of publicity material with a sketch of the tea room, another of Penshurst Place and a few details of the tea room including it’s opening hours – very unusual to commit such fine detail to a tea towel.

Quaintways Tearooms was a building converted from two 18th Century cottages and a bakery.  It retained the old oak beams and the bakery oven, creating a lovely atmosphere for a very traditional tea room – lace tablecloths and vintage china.  The cakes and scones were superb.  I loved this tea room and bought the tea towel to remind me of a lovely day out, which is a good thing because when I returned in 2012 I found that Quaintways Tearooms had closed the previous year.  That’s what makes a good memory tea towel, without the tea towel I might have forgotten all about this charming tea room.

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