Blue Italian Spode 2002


This is a simple, straightforward cotton tea towel with a repeat pattern of the Blue Italian Spode design. It is good quality and has maintained it’s colour considering it is 13 years old.

I love china of all sorts but Blue Italian Spode is by far my favourite and I have quite a few pieces, both large like the jug and ewer, but I also have  selection of miniature pieces.  They are displayed on my Welsh Dresser.  I also have a circular table cloth in the same design (but alas, no longer have the circular table), table mats, cake forks, cake slice and napkins.  They make a striking display.  My 51 st birthday treat was a tour of the Spode Factory in Stoke-on-Trent to watch the china being made and the process of underglaze transfer printing on earthenware.  It was fascinating; I loved it, especially when, at the end of the tour, we were given a Spode transfer.  I still have it.

I bought the tea towel to remind me of the day and how much I enjoyed it, nothing more and when I use it, that’s just what it does.

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