Clay Pidgeon Shooting Club, South Uist: 2014



This is a tea towel of my own design.  Why? Because last year I spent two weeks in South Uist in the most amazing little, traditonal, thatched cottage.  It had two foot thick walls, was in beautiful condition.  It was in the middle of nowhere, on a slight incline and because South Uist is relatively flat there was a fantastic view of the sea and miles of coastline.  The cottage was surrounded by a large grassed area and had its own two sheep that wandered around, chomping the grass.  You had to be very careful about where you walked when hanging the washing out. Sheep can be prolific at leaving small ‘messages’.  The cottage was made even better by the fact that all the china was Blue Italian Spode, my favourite.  The weather was amazing – hot, sunny, breezy, gale force winds, raining, more sun and so forth.

This holiday was perfection.  Every day that we went out to explore the Uists, we had to drive past a medium sized static caravan in the middle of a field, nothing around it, no one to be seen, just the sign “South Uist Clay Pidgeon Shooting Club”.  It just seemed so unlikely.  No matter what time of day we passed there was no action; no sign of any equipment for Clay Pidgeon Shooting, no posters saying when the next event was.  Every day we wanted to see someone doing something at the Club.  We went into the Information Centre at Lochboisdale to see if they had any information about it.  Nothing.  Looked on the internet, a possible Facebook page but little up to date information.  I don’t know what Clay Pidgeon Shooting is but I certainly wanted to sign up for it.

After the holiday, every time I thought of the caravan I just laughed.  It was a curiosity so there was never going to be a tea towel.  We took loads of photos of the caravan in all types of weather.  I liked this one.  It conjures up so many memories of that holiday that I had to use it to make my own tea towel and I love it. The message on it is “Where to next Carrie?”; this celebrated the fact that I had just bought a caravan, affectionately known as Carrie, to start a new life of caravan holidays, but probably not setting up a Clay Pidgeon Shooting Club. I look at the tea towel and remember that wonderful holiday.  I will never forget the South Uist Clay Pidgeon Shooting Club and may it have many more happy years to come.


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