Horner Tea Garden, Exmoor 2003


This is a classic tea towel from my collection in that it relates to one tea garden, as part of their publicity material. White background, functional cotton with black ink line drawings. It is a true momento of a pleasant tea room on the edge of Exmoor. The first time I wanted to visit, it was out of season in February. It was closed. The second time it was raining so I couldn’t have my tea and the third time (because I am tenacious when I think there might be a good tea room to visit) it was bright sunshine, very warm, the sort of day you really do want to sit in a tea garden and sip a really hot cup of tea, which genuinely has a cooling effect. The Victoria Sponge Sandwich was light and fluffy, the view amazing and the ambiance delightful. It was the sort of place you would always want to go back to. The only problem was that there was no indoor seating so it was dependent on the weather and if it was possible to sit under one of the umbrellas in the rain. My view is that a tea garden is only for the warm sunny days, pretending it’s fun in the wet is ridiculous.

The sketch of the little house is exactly as I remember it; you queued up at the window of the house to order your food. The building is actually a Grade II Listed building on the Holnicote Estate. I have no idea what it is like today because I haven’t been back since 2003 and I understand that the last new owner took over in 2014. But doing the washing up I can remember, as though I was there, the warmth of that day. A happy time and that is what a good tea towel should do for you, create that memory.

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One thought on “Horner Tea Garden, Exmoor 2003

  1. I have been to this tea room too though it was a long time ago. Must put it on my list of tea places to visit and see how it is faring now. Thanks for the reminder of the place.


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