St Albans Cathedral: 2005


For two years I worked as an Executive Advocacy Manager for an organisation called POhWER, based in Stevenage, from 1997 to 1999. I commuted daily from Leicester. My job involved travelling all over Hertfordshire; I spent a lot of time in places like London Colney, Watford, Hertford, Welwyn Garden City but in the two years I was there  I never went to St Albans. I thought St Albans would be the sort of place that I liked – full of Roman history. So I decided one weekend that it would be good to go and visit St Albans, look at the cathedral and have a cup of tea in Abbott’s Kitchen.

St Alban was the first  recorded British Christian martyr, believed to have been beheaded in the third or fourth century AD; the cathedral supposedly stands where St Alban was beheaded. His head rolled down the hill and at the point it stopped there supposedly sprung up a well. St Alban’s Cathedral has an 84 metre nave which is the longest of any cathedral in England.

The tea towel depicts the Aldenham Window, not something I remember, but looking it up on Mr Google tells me nothing! What more can I say? St Albans Cathedral was a nice place to visit as I recall but for me unmemorable and not somewhere I yearn to go back to. That’s why I need a good tea towel, to remind me of those unmemorable places I have visited.

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