Lincoln Cathedral: 2001

The first tea towel I bought in Lincoln was a simple white cotton tea towel with a black sketch of Lincoln Cathedral. Functional tea towel.

I’d never been to Lincoln before. We set out to find a tea room on Steep Hill, the notorious narrow and very steep street that runs through Lincoln. The tea room is called Pimento Tea Room. It is a wonderful tea room, set on different levels, with oak tables and a vast range of loose leaf teas from the tea merchant, Imperial Teas, housed below. All the food is vegetarian or vegan. That was a delight. At the top of Steep Hill is Lincoln Cathedral.

On the way up the hill, I saw a shop selling this tea towel. Must have that, I thought, since we were on our way to see the cathedral. It was a good excuse to catch my breath. However, when we got to the cathedral, there was a charge to get in. For me, that was obscene. Lincoln Cathedral is a place of active worship; it should be open to all, welcoming all. Not a place that excludes those that can’t afford to go in. Christ thought the temple was a ‘den of thieves’ through people using it for their commercial activities; I’m not sure I see much difference between what Christ objected to and what Lincoln Cathedral was doing. I didn’t go in. I made a complaint but, needless to say, got no response.  I wouldn’t go back.

In some ways I regret buying this tea towel because it makes me angry to think what they were doing (and probably still are according to their website). However, it does also remind me the importance of sticking to what you believe in; I won’t go into a place of active worship, whatever religion, that charges. I would go back to Lincoln for the tea room and tea merchant but not the cathedral.

21 February 2017: In fact I did go back to Lincoln, in May 2013, not to see the Cathedral but to seek out another tea room.  I saw the second tea towel, a picture that filled the whole ‘canvas’ and really liked it.  I bought it, even though it was of the Cathedral.  Probably more money than sense! Today, after I had sorted out my tea towels, I discovered the second tea towel and posted it.

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